NIKAYA “Homorules” Official Video

Video Release on 4th of July 2014
Concert on 5th of July at Bang Bang Club [Berlin]
“Homorules”, from the Album VACUUM
Music by Nikaya, Lyrics by Florian Kusch
Video Production by Cheese Cake Factory
All rights reserved by NIKAYA
Label C4

Velvet Powder (LP Vacuum)

“Velvet Powder”, song from the Album VACUUM (Record Release, May 2013), Cover Shooting Place: Hotel Bogota, Model: Band, Photographer: Kerstin Jasinszczak, Recording by Andere Baustelle [Berlin], Mastering Monoposto [D´Dorf], Label: C4. Veröffentlicht am 02.04.2014.

Sandman (LP Vacuum)

NIKAYA – You and I (LP Vacuum)

Nikaya – Pulsate Prayers (Live @ White Trash) 2013
Music by Nikaya, Lyrics by Florian Kusch

Live in der Galerie Gusdarf am 18.06.2011

Live im Levee|Ex-Bang Bang am 06.05.2011

Die Berlin Little World Tour startet am 06.05.11 im LEVEE

“Everyone Needs A Peaceful Light” – So ist es entstanden…

Made by Ricardo Peredo Wende (Fricky The Kid)